Fire&5th Brand Story

Our Purpose

Fire&5th exists to re-invent how people socialise and is on a mission to provide a new type of social stimulation.

It's boldly pursuing this mission with it's own daring mantra and inviting you to be part of it . . .

Walk the walk. Do what you do. Go where you please. Dream your own dreams, and dream them freely. Celebrate your passions. And savour those moments when you’ve found your spot, your crew and your drink. Feel it all – the spark, the heat, the magic.

Meet you there – at Fire & 5th.


Fire&5th is created from a unique blend of natural extracts and flavourings. The signature taste notes of Chilli and Blood Orange come together with key ingredients including Ginger, Green Tea and Ginseng to give the taste buds an instant hit of fire and spice and an experience to remember. Served over ice, mixed with a premium ginger ale and garnished with an Orange slice it truly behaves like an alcoholic spirit. Fire&5th is distinct from other no/low options because it’s not mimicking any existing alcoholic drink.